We do all of our jewelry repairs in store

Our recent addition of yarn & supplies has brought us tremendous joy. We have a lovely selection for you to browse through in our "yarn nook".

Orchids at The Silver Bead

In case you didn't already know, The Silver Bead has some amazing extra treasures growing inside of our little store.

We have been blessed to be able to grow an exquisite collection of Orchids, due to the wonderful diffused light.

Last year we had over 50 blossoms decorating every corner of the shop...we are not sure how many we will get to enjoy this year, but there are five plants with blooms already growing...so it's looking hopeful. We had so many customers blown away by our incredible success, that they would bring their friends in just to enjoy the beauty of these plants. Please come an see them for yourself next time you are visiting downtown Glenwood Springs.


We offer a wonderful selection of precious and semi-precious gemstone beads, freshwater pearls, unique glass and ethnic beads from around the globe.


Handcrafted and one of a kind gifts are our specialty. We can also customize jewelry for yourself or a loved one. Please come in and see our incredible selection.

Our monthly class schedule is always filled with lots of fun ideas to get those creative spirits flowing. Click on the classes link at the top of the page for more information.

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